I’m on a mission to help you Mix Your Modern

Clean and practical, modern doesn’t have to mean boring. I want to show you how you can mix up modern style to create environments that improve the way we live, with particular focus on simplicity comfort and tactility.

I love the clean, simple style that Modern offers as a base, then layer my own style on top by adding texture, metallics and natural materials.

I want to help you develop your own version of Modern, so your home reflects your personality, not just the latest trends.
I’ll show you how you can make the very best out of challenging urban spaces by fusing functionality with character and warmth.

Have your own modern style to share?
Hashtag with me, use #mixyourmodern on Instagram and Twitter.

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 A little bit about me

Originally from sunny Cape Town, SA, I now live in London with my husband and our two daughters.

I love the diversity and liveliness that cities offer. As peers started to have families and move further out of the city, I’ve always strived to do the opposite and stay central, but this hasn’t always been easy, as generally properties in cities are eye-wateringly expensive, and quite small.

To be able to remain in London, we’ve move often and find ways to keep increasing the value of our homes over the years. But I didn’t mind that – I love the opportunity to create a whole new space every time. I’ve planned major extension renovation projects on two of our homes and both have been quite small spaces, getting the layout of the space right is my obsession, especially in large cities where space is all the more limited.

This year I am designing a modern house from scratch, you can follow the story on my Build Series as I blog about every stage of building your own home in a major city.

I’ll guide you through how I will choose every material – from windows & light fixtures to furniture & rugs.